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Website and App feedback

Apps and websites have dressed rehearsal, too.

Nowadays, people expect their technology to be smart, efficient and elegant but more than anything else, they want an easy to use experience. With all the answers at our fingertips, actually moving our fingers seems like a petty request from the app's developer. Your application or software might be nearly bug-free since you’ve performed an iPhone app testing or android testing in numeroussoftware testing websites, but it still doesn’t mean that people will like it.

Custom made suit

When an application or software is off-putting, people will not use it. For example, an application that’s too complicated or makes the user feel lost or stupid won't be used much. Furthermore, if the design and interface of an application don't speak the right language, users will delete your app and give it a bad review, no matter how good it really is. By testing mobile applications before releasing them, you obviously improve your product and minimizing the bugs end-users will encounter. But that’s not all. Having specific demographics use your application will provide you with a much clearer picture on the way your target audience will use it, and more importantly - feel about it. Simply asking your potential clients what they want before releasing your app or website will enable it to improve, get higher ratings and much better sales or download rates.

We're asking your future clients

We-Test allows you to choose the kind of people who will perform mobile app testing or website testing for you in real time, get their honest reviews and even chat with them individually - so you can fully understand their feedback. Basically, We-Test gives you the option to talk with your clients before you offer your product to themand adjust it accordingly - while having a large range of devices testing it for bugs. Just like an artist, working on a great piece, developers can get stuck on small details and miss the big picture, too. Don’t submit to that mindset, we invite you to learn more about what we do by contacting us right now. Don’t take a blind bet on your product, test it.

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