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We-Test crowd testing solution

Community testing – a neat way to top your competition

Since the age of google began, everything became organized by lists, apps, products and even people. This has created a magic circle: being first gets you the most exposure, which leads to a high number of hits that position you higher on the list. On the other hand, if your app or service are positionedpoorly, you'll probably get stuck there. When it comes to websites or apps, the first few days and reviews are crucial for determining where on the list you will be located. IPhone app testing and android testing are a struggle for many companies, and many software testing websitesfail to help you improve your app beforehand, so itsinitial rating won't be as bad.

I've already checked my app in the office

Many developing companies believe that if the app worked on smartphones in the office, they're in the clear. This is wrong on two levels. First,there is absolutely no chance that a specific group of employeestesting mobile application will be able to detect all the bugs. Furthermore, today there is a large range of smartphones being used globally and locally - and its best to test your app or software on as many devices as possible before leaving it to the mercy of anonymous critics. Second, thanks to community testing of mobile applications or software, you are able to understand your strengths and weaknesses in specific markets. For example, an app that was developed in the UK for global distribution did not realize that the color red is veryunpopular in China's app market, and it completely crushed in that huge country, leading to a lower rating in global app stores.

We-Test –everyone else does

at We-Test we are creating a real-time unfiltered connection between you and the people who are testing and rating your app. Unlike the competition, we let you choose and even chat with testers all around the world so you can understand exactly what people think about your product and why. Want an army of testers with detailed reports and reviews – before you set your app free? Contact us as soon as possible, because it only takes one bad review to send your app to the back of the search results, where no one reaches.

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We-Test crowd testing solution