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We-Test Mobile app testing

Everyone will help test your application and website

Imagine the following: you have just finished building an amazing phone app, you show it to all your friends and family and they love it, you stay up all night before the release looking for bugs…but when d-day finally comes -the reviews are terrible. Now, there are only ten of them but that’s enough to send you to the second or even third page of the store's search results, where your app will be buried, probably forever. In that example the problem wasn’t in the app's engine, but with the expectations of potential clients. In these days' people want easy access to everything they seek, and if the app or software doesn't 'feel' good, they delete it and give low ratings, missing out on all the benefits.

Ask people what they think - before they’ll tell everyone else

By conducting true community mobile testing (or software testing by the masses), you are able to reach out to your potential clients, get their feedback and in the same time have a large network of real users screen your product for bugs. Testing mobile applications before releasing them will allow you to adjust your product so it fits your target clients, increase your downloads and improve your first ratings in actual app stores. Moreover, by adjusting your product according to users' feedback you are actually making it better.

Control your control group

At We-Test, we enable you to decide which kind of people will review your product. You will have a 24/7 access to testers all around the world and an open communication channel with every single one of them. This way, you will know which people like your product, where they live and more importantly - what made them like or dislike it. While other software testing websites show you your reviewer's statistical analysis, we offer you a way into their hearts and minds. It's time to maximize your product's potential. Find out exactly how to by contacting us right now.

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We-Test Mobile app testing