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Mobile app automation testing

The process of creating something new can be both frustrating and encouraging. On one hand, there is the constant interest and countless ways of self-improvement, on the other – the work sometimes seems too much. And that is usually the moment when all the active developers are looking for aiding tools to facilitate their work and make all the processes go faster. For reference, the task of testing the mobile applications can be tricky. It demands a lot of attention and consists of countless scenarios, platforms (different device resolutions and operating systems, conflicting with other apps and more).

The advantages of automation

There are many tasks that can be performed faster by a computer, especially when the human intellect was used for inserting the most accurate and specific data for the test. It can render different manners of the usage, while successfully imitating the behavior of an average user. So the bottom line is that automatic tools can help you get very important insights on the state of your current project. However, as every non-human thing there are advantages, as well as disadvantages, so the tools are capable of providing one specific answer only when all the data was inserted correctly.

But what does not it do?

The problem with all automatic systems starts when they do not fit your needs specifically or when your product goes beyond the accepted limits. If you are thinking outside the box – you need a testing service to fit your needs – just like We-Test, which is very easy-to-use, but be sure, there are real flesh and blood testers behind it!

Mobile app automation testing