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Mobile and web high quality testing

Mobile and web high quality testing

Everybody knows that QA is far from the most exciting part of a start-up, but without it no start-up would get the go ahead for take-off, and ultimately it is what decides whether they start or fail. There is nothing worse than launching an app that has not been properly checked and put through every single one of the QA team’s checks.

Every internet and app entrepreneur knows that it is the availability of professional services during the development process that is more crucial than anything else. This is especially true when they need to submit updates and software to customers and meet deadlines, as well as from a financial point of view when people have been paid to do their work, and also in terms of launching products and updates to people who have already bought them. When you look at it like that, it makes sense that whoever got a handle on quality assurance in terms of price and speed, would manage to get themselves a lot of attention, and almost certain overnight success.

Unprecedented availability

We-Test Mobile testing tool is pretty much a dream come true for many start-up entrepreneurs in Israel and across the world, both those testing and those being tested. Gone are the global time differences making you wait until the start of the work day in India or the US, or ensuring that someone on the other side of the world is alert enough to send you the results of the QA test at a reasonable price and at lightning speed online. The Israeli platform’s pool of quality checkers are available to the entire world 24/7, at any given moment and at the same level of uncompromising quality, so that your site or app can undergo software checks within 24 hours and receive the report online after a complete user examination. The platform’s experts also stick around afterwards, to chat with you online, speak and give advice or answer any other questions, and that really is already the bonus of all of their services.

The uncompromising critique

The critique is always objective, always meets the highest professional standards, and the process itself is transparent, according to founder of the company, Eran Arye. “You choose the parameters that you need to be checked in the settings, in order to receive the feedback you require, and the platform will find the best checkers for you.” The platform’s staff have already done the sorting and team building behind the scenes, and now they’re just waiting for you, the clients, to call so that they can set you up. All of the teams are professionals who have been chosen based on their results, and they are the best by all accounts. Exceptionally meticulous. That is how you create a dream platform which manages to combine high quality and affordable prices for all, and to get the work done for anyone who wants it across the world, even though they are currently in Israel. It looks like another step forward in the realization of the global work vision, but also excellent brainstorming to inspire Israel’s hi-tech and start-up world.

Large-scale doesn’t have to be simplistic

Quality assurance is a premium product in itself, if you can call it that, and as such is not a simplistic or less valuable service, even if it has a massive reach, i.e. across so many locations. This is the platform’s great innovation, that it manages to provide high-quality and exclusive service, in an impressive collaboration with Matrix Israel, while being completely privately owned. We-Test mobile applications testing services is a fully professional and high-quality service, which provides a perfect solution to the need for reliable, quality checks, which today has become a punctilious and highly sought after sector, far more so than in the past.

Quality checks at every stage

That hugely important interaction between the checkers and the developers is also one of the platform is advantages, and the low cost has made it an essential for every entrepreneur, even those still dreaming of success while sitting in front of their computers and building their applications at home, wherever that may be. The high availability of the testers is the platform’s greatest advantage, together with their high level of professionalism.

Mobile and web high quality testing