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Automation tools

Testing is crucial for a successful launch of any product, especially in the mobile market. This specific segment is very demanding, and there are many reasons for this: first, the mobile world is very fast; people install and remove application in a blink of an eye, sometimes not even remembering what they were about and what prompted them to do so. And if the app is not used – the whole deal is a failure. In order to create engagement, a good idea is not enough, a well-executed realization is highly important. And it is impossible to accomplish without a well-planned testing.

What are automation tools?

These aids were created based on the assumption that most of the applications have many things in common – there are some variables in the database, and some kind of manipulation at hand and eventually – a result. The application can be consisted of few such actions, or thousands. But the basics are all narrowing down to it, just like our whole body is composed of molecules. Automation tools are checking the parameters of each action and makes sure there are no errors in any of the stages. But being as they are – automated, the service is not always precise and clever.

Various testing options

Some testing tools are partially free and some are not, but if you are in for real results, with specific testing strategy and a need to acquire a precise course of action and recommendations – crowd testing is a much better option. With the service of We-Test you will always know where you stand and achieve the highest results in your activity.

Automation tools